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Tuition & Creative Guidance - Contemporary Art - Wearable Art

I'm an enthusiastic artist having completed various Fine Art qualifications such as the

Diploma of Fine Arts, Craft and Visual Art Practice & Business Skills and  several Design Certificates. I like to explore various media and styles as I believe being an artist is all about experimenting (keeping it fun!) and evolving.


    Femininity is a common theme throughout my work, be it in the sensual curves of an abstract or a Goddess figure in one of my paintings. I’ve exhibited widely, in galleries such as Sunset Gallery Port Macquarie, Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Art Focus Gallery, The Painters Gallery, Lavender Bay Gallery, the Casula Powerhouse, Griffith, Orange Regional Galleries,

Warringah Creative Space, Sydney Parliament House and more. 


    I started teaching about 15 years ago and absolutely adore it! One of the things I have found through my own practice and my teaching is that art can help not only in self expression but it gives a sense of deep self empowerment. 

Once beauty is observed, revelled in, expressed and created...magic happens...

When one can create their own magic, it is a gift they can give to themselves,

never to be taken away.

When my lovely students come and create together, a beautiful sense of community is formed.


    I cover various subjects and techniques including drawing, acrylic painting, mixed media,

self expression, therapeutic art, and sketching. I have taught at a range of institutions ranging from the Wesley Art Institute, Sabaai in Neutral Bay to the Manly Art Gallery and Museum,

Erin Hill Studios, Art Smart at Seaforth,

Sunset Gallery and Arthouse Industries in Port Macquarie.


    Regardless of your personality and style (bold and expressive, gentle and delicate or anything in between!) I can help you to complete a work that truly reflects who you are.


I love helping students who don't know where to start or who claim they cannot draw, and then to see their proud smiles when they look at an artwork they have created.


I'll help guide you to become confident in your creativity and to achieve amazing results, all while enjoying the journey!

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