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Some of the lovely things people have said about their art experience with me

Vivianne has a gentle but positive teaching manner which allows confidence for exploration.

- Carole

You really "give birth" to other people's ideas. You're a sort of midwife for people's creative ideas, helping them to get their creative ideas out, and in good shape. Thank you for the good time we had with you during the workshop yesterday. It's always a pleasure to work with you, and I really like your style as a teacher/ facilitator.

- Sylvie


I really like the relaxed mood in the class enhanced by the music, 

The small size of the class so you could always be sure of talking to the teacher when you needed to,

the way we could all listen in if someone was getting feedback on something we wanted to learn about even if we didn't need that knowledge straight away, the suggestions of what you might try,

the good techniques being taught, the positive feedback, the playing with pastels to music especially since pastels were a new thing for me, getting to know the other participants and see what others are doing.

- Lesley after "Abstract Art For Experienced Artists" classes


I always enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in your classes and particularly find your reviews, comments and artistic guidance extremely helpful.

- Anneliese 


Thank you again..It was a delight to be in your class...thanks for all your encouragement.

- L.M.


I am thoroughly enjoying your classes as you encourage everyone to come along with their own ideas and then you teach the techniques needed to achieve it. I have learnt so much from you already about the planning, tools and techniques required. I had no idea where to start when I arrived and now I have finished 3 paintings...Yayee! I am usually such a stress-head and I have found the perfect way to destress now. I totally zone out when I pick up that paint brush! I love your selection of music too...gets me in that zone. I am looking forward to learning more when the classes start up again.

- Kerry


I attended some of your classes which were so good as you care for every student individually and nurture each of them in a very creative manner. We need more people like you.

- S.L. 


Such an amazing patient and passionate teacher. If you want to grow your inner artist, play with technique and explore where it all might go, then I highly recommend Viviane as your guide.

- Sarah


I had a wonderful day and plan to keep playing as I found it totally absorbing and relaxing.

- Laurine


I enjoyed the workshop thoroughly.  As with all your classes, I found it very inspirational.

- Anneliese


Had huge fun last week and so nice and unconfronting! Looking forward to tomorrow.

- Deb


What was special to me was the fact that you were there to guide, encourage and support me in your generous, gentle way. I think you are just the most patient teacher and so polite and respectful, I have a lot to learn from you. - Dot

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