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Tuition & Creative Guidance
Contemporary Art
Wearable Art



Tuition & Creative Guidance

Contemporary Art

Wearable Art


I'm so glad you decided to visit my little art space here on the web. 
I hope it helps you reconnect you with your creative spirit in some way.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to know more. 

I believe everyone is inherently creative. I also believe the ability and confidence to express yourself is vital for a happy soul. Creating art adds great joy and fulfilment to your life.

Whether you wish to explore, express and unleash the artist within,

find an artwork to treasure or want to discover a piece of unique jewellery in the form of my "Wearable Art,"

I would be thrilled to help bring more art and creative expression into your life.

While the world has gotten pretty weird (understatement!) lately, I have been doing lots of introspection and work behind the scenes to find new and exciting ways to connect with you.

This includes an amazing new gallery space in Sancrox, 15 minutes from Port Macquarie.

There is still a bit of work to do but I am so incredibly happy with the look and "feel" of it! 

While I have only been able to allow a select few people to see it, I've seen each of their eyes widen in delight, and felt their energy uplifted by the experience. 

I really do believe that now, more than ever, art is much needed nourishment for the soul...

New things are a comin'!


Contemporary Art in a regional area.

An all inclusive welcoming space of beautiful works in a variety of styles and mediums. 

The gallery was due to open Easter 2020 but is now

open by appointment

Free entry

Art Space

A place to soak up a gallery full of art, observe the workings of a live studio, create your own artwork or simply chat and debrief with fellow artists.

My aim is to create a space that calms, nourishes and inspires

On Line Tuition

My passion in teahing has always been  to help connect you with your inner creative. To guide, inspire and educate you so that you can create your own unique work with confidence.

 I am educating myself as fast as I can so that I can offer safe online classes in these crazy times.

New Work

Using past works as a springboard for my own inspiration, I am currently working on 3 new series of works


Highly experimental and combining 2 & 3 D art, 

 I have combined mediums to create work that is contemporary and unashamedly feminine.  

Art School

The new school is nearly finished!

It's a huge area from which to create.

Once open to the public, you will have plenty of space to social distance...

Bonus, you can spread out those art supplies!

Come and join our creative sanctuary


Very fond of the gorgeous creative community here  in the Hastings, I want to increase connection and collaboration between artists. 

Please contact me for arts events , collaboration and mentoring opportunities

For the latest info,

catch me on my 



Artist, Creative Explorer, Inspirational guide

A practicing artist for over 25 years, I am passionate about exploration and combining various styles and media to create contemporary work layered in colour and material, often with a feminine undertone. 

I help people reconnect with, and unleash, their inner artist by providing a supportive space, the skills to create and gentle personalised guidance. I empower students to make their own unique art with confidence and passion.

“Everything has its beauty,

but not everyone sees it”





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