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My Tree Change to Port Macquarie

Recently I moved from the bustling Northern Beaches to greener pastures in Port Macquarie. And it's been quite a ride so far! From the somewhat frantic packing stage, to the teary farewells with friends and students, to the move up here.

Since then it's been about spending time with family, unpacking and settling in, both physically and emotionally. I'm not there yet but continue to get waves of excitement and joy at the wonderful new opportunities I now have in front of me!

I've leased a huge warehouse with plenty of space for artists studios, gallery and of course a wonderful art school. Please be patient with me as I create a this creative sanctuary for you to come and experience.

I welcome you to get in touch with me, whether you are a past or future student, a Mid North Coast artist wishing to collaborate or even if you are only just starting to listen to whispers within you urging you to go and create. 


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